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By Mercedes Kirkel



Most, if not all, of the difficult symptoms people experience in the ascension process are signs of purification. As our energy system opens to and higher frequencies, any we have in our energy circuits are getting blasted with new levels of energy and “worked on.” It’s like a hose with a kink in it. The water pressure (energy) is building until the kinks (our ) release or burst.


That mounting pressure and release of blockages can be experienced in all kinds of ways:


  • physically—exhaustion, changes in sleep, changes relative to food and diet, nausea, decrease in motor , rashes, back ache, changes in vision, old or chronic disease symptoms reappearing, etc.


  • energetically—lethargy, feeling amped-up, energy roller-coaster, hypersensitivity, kundalini symptoms, feeling fed by nature and drained by unnatural environments, etc.


  • emotionally—mood swings, anxiety, depression, doubt, apathy, joy, etc.


  • mentally—confusion, mind fog, forgetting, difficulty focusing, etc.


  • socially—not tolerating being in groups, feeling invisible, not enjoying mind-based interactions, repulsion to authoritarianism and rules, not enjoying people or activities we used to enjoy, etc.


Being aware of the kinds of symptoms other people are experiencing can be reassuring. It can also give some sense of what the process might look like.


But everyone’s blocks are different. And the way people release energy is different. So there will inevitably be variations.


We’re all unique and our paths are unique.




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