From The Illuminate Mind Series
The Master Teacher of

This is A Course in Miracles. It is your path of enlightenment. It is your journey without distance in the of an instant of reality.

This Course in Miracles presents the inevitable of the Eternal Singular Reality of Life of which each of us will forever be a and whole part.

“Thank you for returning once more following the last lesson, which perhaps has excited you sufficiently to actually go out and practice the idea of the for you to forgive. This teaching that I am offering you as what is termed ‘an advanced teacher’ cannot not be our mutual discovery of eternal life. It also cannot not include the idea that we were separate in what appears to be a universe of millions of light years and forms of and temperatures and ideas that somehow we would be more than what we we were in our ideas about our self.

It’s called A Course in Miracles, and it is in a very fundamental , a course in the enlightenment of your mind, and whatever you have given to me of what you think I am, we are in a fundamental admission that cannot be more or less than you have been willing to accept within your own mind the offering that I am giving you. So this did involve the idea that somehow you’re going to have to forgive me for the manner in which I present this to you.

I cannot not be presenting you from the certainty of a discovery that I made in a moment of my own devastation, in a moment of my own realization that I am whole and perfect as God created me. In that sense, I’m an advanced teacher. But it is impossible that I am offering you any more through this enlightening procedure than who you already are…”

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