The Reawakening of Lemuria
Masters & Merlin
July 22, 2016 by Bob Ficks

Today your Inner is trapped inside this physical body/ and sees life through the eyes of your past karmic memories. You cannot imagine the freedom that you once knew. But this is the time, after two years, when the doors to your Inner Master are opening and flashes of light and love are sparkling with memories that your conscious mind cannot understand. Every time you this surge of energy flashing through your body and your consciousness, the Infinite Inner Master is waking up. These surges of spiritual electricity are crashing through the walls of your body/mind and the Light of your Immortal Soul is shining through the darkness of of years of and trauma. As you release these , you feel temporarily uncomfortable. You feel much like the delicate flower trying to break through the hard skin of the bud that surrounds it and keeps it trapped inside. One day the bud break and the flower of your Inner Master break through.