Total self-honesty is an essential aspect of the awakening process.
July 31, 2016 by John Smallman

All your suffering and unhappiness flows from judgmental you hold and from your sensed need to have those judgments enforced to make others for the pain you believe that they have you. But the pain, the suffering is truly by your dwelling on your perceived mistreatment by others, long after the moment of mistreatment has passed. You are continuing to punish yourselves by dwelling on memories of unpleasantness from the , or on imagining unpleasantness in the future. But there is only Now! So live in the now and live in peace, your natural state.

Forgiveness of yourselves is essential. Nearly everyone has been inculcated with a strong sense that they are not good enough, and that they must strive constantly to improve themselves. Within the illusion it does make sense to become educated and learn the basic rules that enable agreeable interactions with others. However, in , many are discouraged from doing what appeals to them, from doing what they are intuitively or instinctively drawn to, and are instead induced to study and learn what their “elders and betters” decide is appropriate for them. This leads to distrust of their own inner guidance and a consequential ongoing internal conflict that often leads either to boredom and depression, or to powerful rebellion.