Venus Love Tools
by Lady Nada
Channelled through Natalie Glasson July 29, 2016
Original Source: Sacred of OmNa

Upon Venus, within a chamber to support spiritual evolution, there is a single flower which rests in the of the chamber as if suspended in mid-air. As you enter the chamber known as the Venus Flower of Truth Chamber, the flower adjust itself so that it is in alignment with your heart chakra both and on a level. The flower is simple with row of petals surrounding a large circular centre. The centre is a violet while the petals are a combination of white, pink and violet . Allow yourself to exist within the Venus Flower of Truth Chamber. Imagine, sense or acknowledge yourself with the flower existing before your heart chakra. Feel the energy emanating from the flower into your heart chakra. As the energy flows into your heart chakra, it will fill your heart chakra and flow up through your throat chakra into your third eye chakra. From your third eye chakra, a shower of white, violet and pink will cascade down upon the flower. It is as you acknowledge or observe the shower of extending from your third eye chakra into the flower that the truth of your soul and essence held within your heart, throat and third eye chakras will be to you for your understanding, acknowledgement, and acceptance. You may gain visions, feelings, insights, words of wisdom or simply a knowingness. This also supports the and expansion of your third eye chakra and its sacred abilities.