Marina Jacobi Good 11th Dimensional Beings
July 24, 2016

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Marina we are the 11th Dimensional beings. Please announce our appearance. Do not increase the expressions of the beings of the planet that are not ready. We are penetrating every that is ready for a visual physical contact. We will not engage consciousness that emplacements to be at service only to themselves. Marduk is the throne that is already occupied by the order and the benevolent beings from Earth. Know that the New are already in place to replace the old corrupted ones. The ground crew is ready for statement. Be of the Media. Do not engage on negative holograms that are daily to you. Stay only on the positive emotions and engage only in the positive. The Extra Terrestrials and Us elaborate all the time with the Grid systems. The Grids are working on full capacity. Stop all the negative input of systems that negative. Remember,… Who is the Creator?… It is you. You are the creator!!! So know that only you can decide what to see and experience in your reality. Do not allow yourself to be manipulated. If is a talk of negative let it be in that persons reality. Do not judge them. Everyone has a right to create and believe what ever they wish. But why not create Beauty of Unity and Intergalactic ?