Marina Jacobi the frequency
July 30, 2016

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Ok I see that this is my location but I know that I can Change my location by recoiling different emotional Hertz. Emotions, feelings are Hertz) and apply the manifestation teachings (that I always talk about) and shift your consciousness and take an action to the reality that you prefer. (Take an action of for example: voting for the right people, sighn petitions, helping humanity, , etcetera, and the action of your highest passion. Be relentless in your action with love hertz) It is like switching the channel, even if you keep seeing the other channel with these people running. Know that it is simply another channel of the matrix . In order for you to switch the reality of your preference you have to hold that image that you prefer in emotional feeling frequency and keep taking actions with love signature to a certain duration in order to Crystallize in your structure and you will pop up from one parallel universe to another of your choosing. I hope that helps. You cannot make a mistake if you apply the quantum metaphysical structure into your daily life it’s like a math. You can not have a doubt. You have to know 100 percent in order to shift to your preference. You can not have one particle out of place. You can not download DVD 99%. I am not here to convince you . I have no right to do that. This is the physics and quantum structure of our existence. I’m here to show you what I was thought from the extraterrestrials and a higher consciousness you can apply that knowledge if you wish.

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Love you all.’