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by Mercedes Kirkel

[Note from Mercedes: This is the first message I ever received from , and it remains as true and timely now as when it originally came through. I offer it once again, in honor of Mary’s feast day.]


Greetings, beloved ~


I am here. Do not doubt my presence. Doubt is part of your mind. I am here to help free you from your doubting mind.


I have waited two thousand years to come forth, for the turning of the ages when the Divine Feminine can be received, honored, and reinstated in her rightful place as the equal partner and lover of the Divine Masculine. There is much to be done for this to be accomplished, for the Divine Feminine has suffered much repression and denial so that most are afraid of her and no longer know her. I am here to help change that. This is the time for the Feminine to come to the front, to lead in this progression into the new age. It is the time of love and honoring of the Feminine, listening to the Feminine, and allowing the Feminine to lead so that balance may be reestablished and we may become whole.


And what does this mean for all of you? You are in the process of learning to reconnect with, trust, and open to the Feminine within yourself—as your body, your sexuality, your emotions. You are learning to surrender your thinking to pure presence, to surrender your lower mind to the heart. In doing this, the veils surrounding your sacred mind can be lifted, and the marriage of the sacred heart and sacred mind can occur. You are to celebrate that marriage through the ongoing joy of bringing the light into your body, merging it with love, and sending this empowered love-light out into the world.


Many of you have become alienated from the Feminine within yourself. You’ve become afraid and cut off from your body and your emotions and your sexuality and your feeling heart. It will take practice and engagement of these sacred parts of yourself to reopen to these pathways of the Divine within you.


It is not enough to think about this change. It is not enough to gather knowledge. You are tending to be unbalanced with your collecting knowledge about the world, yourself, and what is happening. It can be helpful to understand, but that will not make a difference if it is not balanced with practice and action. It is like raising a child. If you are a parent and are raising a child, it can be helpful to read books, go to classes, and talk with others about raising children. But if that is all you do, you will not serve the children. Most important is what you actually do with the children that will make a difference for them, your engagement with them every day.


Right now, you are in a grand process of transformation and growth, and you are the parent to yourself. The most important thing is your engagement, your practice with yourself on a daily basis. The Feminine parts of yourself have suffered and are shut down, atrophied, from not being embraced and engaged for so long. So now it will take practice and engagement to change that.


There are some who understand this, who have engaged this practice themselves, and who can help you to learn these practices. This one who channels this message is such a one. Now is the time to learn these practices and engage them continually. It will take time, but such a short time compared to the eons of time that these parts of you have been shut down.


Your body is beautiful. Your sexuality is sacred. Your emotions are pathways to God. Your presence is a blessed gift. Your open heart is the most powerful vessel of transformation, of receiving divine light and empowering it with love. Understand this, but do not stop there. Learn the practices for receiving and transmitting love-light through all these channels, and practice this until it becomes a dance, a joy, a beautiful part of who you are and what you bring to all.


I love you most dearly. I champion your transformation, and through that the transformation of your world.


In love and light,

I AM Mary Magdalene

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