Sanat Kumara, Shifting as a of Light
July 16, 2016 by Christine Preston

Our Father, Sanat Kumara, is in the higher dimensional Sun behind the physical one of our Solar System. He is in the driving seat taking it in the Stargate that reduces the distance between us and the God Star Sirius, or Kachina, the blue Star of the Hopi Indian legends. Some have it the Dog Star as the Dogons also have of it. But Sirius is the God Star or Constellation that we are . I raised my mind to Sanat Kumara who personifies our heavenly Father, whose flame within our heart connects us to our loving I Am Presence, the top in the chart of our Self, who irradiates a great pillar of Light all around us and through us to light our way. It is a divinely charged substance of Light described as a of Light that protects the souls of Light from all negative human or artificially created waves that have been known to be irradiated from the astral plane to affect our psyche, or bend minds, and within this electrically charged circle of Light, is a violet flame performing a miracle of of all that is less than Christ consciousness for progression upon the Path of .
I called to our Father in heaven, Sanat Kumara, and by the power of his divine Name, as a representative of mankind, asked that we may be uplifted in our and given resolutions to problems worldwide.