Sanat Kumara, System in God Star,
July 29, 2016 by Christine Preston

As mentioned in previous videos, in 2015 I was I had been trained to function as a messenger for the Great Brotherhood which is for the Solar System. I had a range of supernatural phenomena. During 2014 I had to withstand psychic attacks as some dark forces on the astral plane carried out impostures of the Archangels, Galactic beings and Ascended Masters. I was able to identify who they were, as soon as they attempted to carry out an impersonation, then during 2015, they gradually diminished. Recently we have been informed that the interference of dark entities has been removed, but there are still small pockets of them. As some of the dark entities are removed there are some which rise up to higher positions upon the ladder of their false hierarchy of darkness and think they will have a go. This is why we are still experiencing some interference, and synthetic dreams are still being inserted in our as well, and it is as if these entities can’t give up their bad habits, and they are not being taken by force as it is hoped they will turn to the and can be re-educated. However, there has been a reinforcement of our protection so they are not able to bend , nor do as much damage as before. The forces of the Light are working on our disentanglement from physical captivity to the forces of darkness that have ruled this world through their physical pawns, for thousands of years. It is Germain’s great plan of Liberation which is being implemented. He is the Hierarch of the Aquarian Age and his Violet Flame is the tool of Freedom. He has master-minded a strategy to Freedom to Earth and it is by liberating us from the financial system that has functioned for the Elite as a means of control. Germain’s aspiration is to rebuild a golden age civilization and us into a transition period, leading to the threshold of a shift to 5th density, a few years or decades after the shift to 4th density which should take place at the end of this year of 2016.