In the illusion it is necessary for each human to find their own individual paths to .
07/29/2016 by John

Ultimately the awakening process is by the human collective and guided by those in the who were , because of the special nature of their competences and interests, to assist in this magnificent and brilliant program. What is , mostly beneath the level of your conscious awareness, is an intensification of the divine flame of Love burning eternally within each of you. You are all experiencing an arising within you of intense memories of buried or denied experiences of suffering that you have undergone and which are being felt emotionally. As these powerful emotions arise it is often almost impossible for you to identify the reason behind them, they just , confusing you as you wonder “what on earth is going on here?”

truly is no need or requirement for you to identify their source, just let them flow, as they will if you will allow them to, instead of to them down as inappropriate, insane, or plain unwanted emotions that you could well do without, as you struggle with earning a living and paying your bills.