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By Shivrael Luminance .


Background provided by No Copyright YouTube Backgrounds


in the hearts blossoming rises the golden to the heavens of our ascended starry seeded DNA

we are the vortex of celestial codes raining down on the planet
we are the , the portal, the widening
thank you cosmic beings of
thank you for gifting this planet of beauty
a jewel of the galaxy on the necklace of Indra’s net
each drop a universe
each universe in the knowing that we are one drop
the drop of all oceans swimming together

we are the watery intuitive flowy receivers and transmitters of the new
we are the ebb and flow waves ever rising to a tsunami of on the planet
we are the hearts open widening
tides flowing
we are empathy becoming compassion
we are Quan Yin’s tears poured out of a galactic sized bottle filled with stars
river of light poured out shifting this of the photon belt to a higher vibration