World Mother I come the Ruby Ray
July-30-2016 by Christine Preston

I come to intervene in the affairs of the world. I am coming to precipitate certain events in the arena of the world and its political scenes. The American people are about to overcome a great power that has held them in great . There are great forces at work which will cause them to awaken to a new perception of Reality, through the deliberations taking place for the Presidential Elections. Reporters and the Media will also receive this enlightenment and will present a reflection of events that is more accurate as far as the Spiritual Hierarchy is concerned. This will result with a Victory for the Forces of the . else will in to the karmic toll of those beings involved in conspiracies with an agenda of control, and their monstrous activities. I come with the Ruby Ray. The judgment comes for the eradication of the dark forces upon . It comes in the full power of the Ruby Ray and in the white fire of the Mother that I am. The Mother withdraws power from those forces which have sought it with an agenda of control. No time or space will be allowed to them any , and the karmic toll due to those who have committed infamy at the of the base of the symbolic pyramid, will be returned to them.