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By Shivrael Luminance River.


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In opening to our intuitive skills we are given many gifts that our . I support and encourage the development of these skills in order to experience the to our lives.

Let me share how cultivating intuitive skills can change your life!

1.It opens the heart.

This is important in that in opening up our intuition, we move from the duality of the mind. The mind sees in contrast while the heart sees in wholeness. Being in the heart allows us to integrate opposites. It soothes mixed energy and releases inner discord. It helps us to tap into compassion for ourselves and others. It helps us to deepen the of love within. It is easier to move through the from the heart rather than moving through the only through figuring things out, using strategy and analyzing. We can have our minds and hearts work together. We can rest more in a resonant heart that is in unity with all that is outside of us instead of feeling separate or at odds with the .

Through opening up our ways of connection to our guides, to spirit, we feel the continuous connection of source. We love ourselves more. We shine more, and we radiate our joy. We are more able to be authentic in the presence of others. We have greater peace and less conflict inside, and therefore less conflict with others. We feel the love of , and the that we are, as we cultivate this connection which begins by opening up in meditation. We can channel aspects of ourselves as our guides along with other beings through the space of our hearts. We feel and experience ourselves in a more expansive way. They us perspective, upliftment, love and support within ourselves.

2.It helps us always be in the flow of, and connected to, the universe.