2 – Adam Kadmon Race – Metatron
August 14, 2016 by Peter Melchizedek
Adam Kadmon Race – The Councils – The

not going into the depths of explanations of what about to share, for this will come later once the Radiation Centres are up and . However, this statement does not mean that within the preparations now in process, for the Development and Creation of the Foundational Pyramidal of Light, that shall become the very Structures for such Centres, are not important!

“The Truth is, each Stage of any particular world has a series of Pyramidal Structures of Light, that act like Dynamos and Transformers for the Radiation of Centripetal to be Radiated outwardly to other Pyramidal Structures of like Nature and Purpose so that the Grids can be built all around the Entire Evolutionary World or Universe.

“This is now being Proposed for the Elemental Grace Alliance for the purpose of moving into its next Levels of Creation. To pass through the present levels of human consciousness, we need to beyond this present 3rd dimensional state of awareness into the next Level of Multi-dimensional Awareness and Creational Abilities! This makes sense does it not? This is done through the Creation of more Pyramids of and Light Energetic Forcefields!