Part 3 – Adam Kadmon Race –
August 14, 2016 by Peter
Adam Kadmon Race – The Christ Councils – The Elemental Grace Alliance Council – Metatron
August 12, 2016


“ I spoke of Humanity entering a new ‘Time Cell’ yesterday and this ‘Time Cell’ is in a way, an Artificial Time Zone that actually shall Warp Time upon the Planet for the purpose of assisting in making up the lost time within the previously Designed Programs for the human race to reach Its Adam Kadmon of Consciousness! Within the Keys of Enoch, We allude to these Time Warps, and have allowed for these provisions in an effort to bring a new balance to what was originally . For those of you who have already read the Keys or who will go and read them, you will see that there are two Sets of Time Warps Zones, one being the Natural Time Warps of the Earth in association with the Outer Planetary Systems and , and two, the Artificial Time Warps Zones. The Artificial Ones are those added to the Earth’s Planetary Cycles for the purpose of Re-Calibration and Re-Alignment to the Natural Cosmic Cycles within this Local Universe and many other Universes farther afield.

“This ‘Time Cell,’ that you are now entering through your connections to Orion and the Pleiadian Star Systems, among Others, was Designed to make up the 5,000 of ‘lost time’, that has been created by the free will choices, that humanity has been continuing to make throughout this time period. So this is what I wish you all to understand from a very Innate Level of your Being! This ‘Time Cell’ shall only be effective, if those who hold the Seeds of the New Adam Kadmon Race can collectively align themselves with each other within a Timeless Environment, where They are not only of the influences of the of humanity, but are in Direct Communication with Those of Higher Intelligence and Dimensional Fields of Light!