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By Camilla KumaRa


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A Message of Importance for Whom it Resonates
15 August, 2016Leave a comment

A Message of Importance for Whom it Resonates

Earth Angels and Star Borns, all Healers of this world, we ask you to invite your friends from the glorious realm

s and co-create a surrounding for the ones who still abide in the dark hours. Create a field of Light infused vibrations. This will not be a new field we might add, this is You taking your creative , filling it with the frequency of Love and Light you maintain to hold and let it with the Oneness of Source through all realms and dimensions. The field and it is your possibility to Connect, Co-Create and for All on this .

Beloved ones, we also wish to let you know that in this moment the Angelic Realms have managed to step through the layers of the world. As we have told before, since enough souls on Earth are able to hold five dimensional frequency, partly or more permanent, can now humans on an even more clear cellular level. Where matter meets eather and eather turns to matter, where dimensions merge. The Rainbow Rays are flowing in this , as they have the past six hours and the coming seven. 13 hours of a continuous flow of Rainbow Light my beloved ones. With the Seraphim riding along the Rainbow Rays to cheer and dance their light within human hearts.

Camilla KumaRa with the Angelic, Galactic and Master Guide Teams
August 14th, 2016, 11pm CEST.

Camilla KumaRa – Unifying Love