August 6, 2016 by Kevin Leon

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We stand on the precipice of monumental change, and the only beliefs that we follow are those of Peace, Love, Truth, and Light. These are the guiding principles that help a path through the shadows. We find ourselves embarking on the next phase of the evolution of human consciousness, and to understanding our history, the significant time in the evolution of our consciousness that was heralded by a historical figure. Truthfully, we don’t that you must also believe in this figure’s existence if that serves to divide you from your Brothers &; Sisters, but what we feel must be understood by all humanity, the idea of what he represented. Of course this figure Jesus Christ, and the idea that he represented was God’s Will to save, or liberate all of humanity. This idea marks a significant evolution in our consciousness, in that it was expanded from a much smaller group of people to include all people. This heralded in the “Age of Enlightenment,” which characterized by a fundamental shift in our world religions and spirituality. Since then we have had many figures attain “enlightenment,” become Ascended Masters, bodhisattvas, Buddhas, or become “Saved.” What this all really boils down to one’s ability to be a creator of their reality. Simply put, if you don’t believe it possible to become enlightened or to ascend, we believe you may not be able to accomplish either. It our that we can put aside our differences. Let us focus, instead, on what unites us, and that which unites us is Love.