Archangel Michael, Andre, Effects of the Stargate,
August 7, 2016 by Christine Preston

attention to a dictation by Archangel Michael previously published in Part II of the video Master Jesus, July 11, 2015

It is happening because of the Ascension process and because we are in a belt that is having an effect on our consciousness. It is causing the Great Awakening and the many changes that were prophesied long ago are taking place. There be peace on . We shall become fully conscious beings. We shall recover the memory of who we are. We are being physiologically transformed in preparation for our transition to a higher dimension. We are being transfigured and enlightened, and in the process of creating a new , a new Gaia, free of pollution. We achieve the eradication of diseases and death. We the stewards of the planet and be compassionate towards animal life and all beings. We look after their needs. The truth be known about the existence of and in our Solar System, as well as the existence of humanoids throughout the Universe. We are being helped and shall enter a period of transition during which we will a technology inspired, or given to us, by other worlds. Eventually we will return to a more way of existence in harmony with nature and all higher forces. We will learn about the Federation of Light and the Earth will become part of it. The 5th dimension is the abode of higher beings which is called ‘heaven’ in biblical scripture and the beings who will come among us are collaborating with the Lords of Light, the Archangels and Masters of the spiritual and esoteric traditions who were also known as beings, Buddhas, Prophets or Saints. There is no need for fear or concern about the Ascension. We should be grateful it is taking place because we now have a future to look forward to for our children and the nations.