Archangel August 9, 2016 by Jennifer Snell

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First of all a personal note from Jennifer: when I received this information today from Michael the protection angel I did not want to propel people into fear. The whole goal of the Fifth Dimension is to collectively raise our vibrations. However, as Michael pointed out this is just basic information that you would to prepare for any bad storm as provided by The Red Cross. He really just wants us to be prepared.
Love and Blessings,
Jennifer Snell
Greetings ,
I am Archangel Michael. I come carrying my blue sword of truth as I speak the truth to you today. Yesterday was the 8-8 Gateway and many of you tapped into the beautiful energies of infinite abundance. The month of 8 provides you with the perfect opportunity to connect to and reap all the wonderful blessings that you have sown.
I bring this important message to you about . In the coming months and throughout the next year many changes will occur on Gaia in terms of the global financial as well as other necessary earth changes that are coming. I encourage all of you to follow some important guidelines:
1.) Keep two weeks worth of fresh drinking water in reserve
2.) Have some flashlights and candles available
3.) Have two weeks worth of food rations available in reserve
4.) Keep your car full with gas
5.). Have some cash on hand (small bills), Silver Dollars and Half Silver Dollars
6.) Make sure you have backups for medicines
Many of you have felt or had of these coming changes for a very time. As many of you are aware in order for the entire human race to there are divine ways required to the remaining populous. It is all in divine order. Do not have fear Dear Ones around these changes. In fact, you have been waiting for and asking for these changes for a very long time.
We as the have worked very hard to get to this and we are so excited!
We Love You,
Archangel Michael