Archangel Michael, Last Year’ Notes on the Stargate, August 7, 2016
Revisitation of a dictation and Update by Archangel Michael and my ascended twin flame Andre, dated October 1-6, 2015
by Christine Preston

of the effects of the photon is the re-integration of the Lightbody which naturally results with an awakening and enlightenment, a new Vision, or new perception of . The term ‘Ascension’ is used in different senses so I would like to explain that after going through the portals of Ascension there is what you might call an after-effect. It is comparable to that takes place when healing is given to you in Light chambers on a higher dimension when you are out of your body. You bring back this healing and it gradually manifests in your physical body. So you bring back something from your ascensions and it manifests in your physical form. Look to your own I AM Presence for the portals of Ascension. There is a Father and Mother aspect in the divine Presence. The Light Body that is descending Christ consciousness to you as as changes in your DNA and chakra system. This Light Body is the Celestial Counterpart of yourself that remained in heaven as its temple was not fit to inhabit. At the same time it is a garment of ascension and its reintegration produces fleeting moments of blissful states of being.
The term Ascension has also been used in the sense of a shift to a better Reality with the establishment of peace in those spots of the world where wars have chaos for much too long. A transition is slowly occurring which will eventually restore the planetary body to the vibration of the golden age of . The new Gaia that is being created also is corresponding to the blueprint of the Divine Will that is descending for the collective from the higher realms just as the Light Body. New Gaia, Nova Earth, also is the 5th kingdom, a classification on the basis of the fourth kingdom being the human one, the third being the animals’, the Vegetal being the 2nd and the mineral one being the first. In the 5th mankind acquires Christ consciousness and becomes physical angels or beings.