Archangel Uriel, No celestial object will hit Earth [on the Fatima Prophecy], August 27, 2016
by Christine Preston

With regard to the Fatima Prophecy, and more exzactly what has been called its third message, the one that the Vatican did not disclose, it is true that it was a revelation from Mary to the Fatima children concerning a calamity due to the Earth if its population did not reform to the righteous path. We have heard prayers to keep you, the lightbearers and mankind safe and secure and for the eradication of all that represents a fall into darkness, or going astray from the Path of Ascension. We have been acting upon your prayers and decrees for . The bulk of mankind, the , have progressed and greatly upon that Path despite the outwardly appearance. I mean that if you look at the world and its scenes, or what is going on that is of a political nature, it looks as if a terrible downfall of civilization has taken place. Look at the wars and loss of lives, and at Greece, for , where are homeless and live under such an austerity program that they have lost the drive to fight for an improvement, and in India the farmers are committing suicide. The world appears to be in a terrible state and it is the of the of the Elite and Illuminati. However, great is transpiring in terms of spirituality and this relates to Ascension to the 5th dimension as far as perceptions and the mind-set are concerned. And that is due to the work of the people whom we call the Lightworkers. In general, the Lightbearers, those who possess the thread to the divine Heart, those who are of mankind or humanity, have progressed, but are in a situation of indoctrination by the systems of the forces, the same that have created these systems for the purpose of control for the need of their agenda. They have created conditions that appear as if all hell has broken loose, and from that point of view, a great destruction has befallen upon the inhabitants of this world. However, on the inside, or from the esoteric point of view, as well as the spiritual aspect, the people have been accelerated upon the Path of Ascension as never before.