A Morning Message by The Arcturians through Sue Lie

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Unfortunately, as you distract your attention away from the golden flow, your experience to dim. Instantly, you your focus back to the source of the golden flow and release all thinking. You have already spent a time on “thinking.”

You spent your life thinking about what you should do, what you could not do, and what you had to do before you could do what you wanted to do. NO, now you vow to focus on this amazing experience.

As you release your questions and analysis of your experience, your journey to the source of the golden light bursts forth like a rocket. Now you seem to be moving so fast, that you cannot clearly see you are, or you are going.

You ponder why that does not bother you. Usually, you are very good at keeping track of what you have to do, where you have to do it, when you need to finish it, and even why you have to do it.

But this not something that you HAVE to do. This experience, or whatever it its, something that you WANT to do. The realization that you have the full power of choice seems to push you through an invisible barrier that you do not recognize until you move through it.

As you move through this invisible barrier, you find yourself in some type of “null zone.” You cannot register any direction, as there is no up, down or even right and left. It is a reality that is just beyond your ability to perceive.

But you want to perceive this unknown reality. You want to understand what just happened, how you got here, and most of all, where you are. Before you were patient with your experience, but now you feel like you are “somewhere else” and are impatient to find where you are.

You are trying to keep your courage, so you take some long, , deep breaths. “This must just be a ,” you say, or did you think it? You are becoming increasingly confused. Wherever you are, it appears that it is not anywhere you have ever been.

Then, suddenly, you have a of yourself as a very young child. You were so young that you were just how to sit up. Your reality pretty much consisted of a few feet around your present .