Inter-dimensional Portals – The Suzanne Lie and the Arcturians
August 25, 2016

When we chose to bi-locate into a human vessel, it was often because a of our Multidimensional SELF was stuck in the paradigm of the /fourth . Therefore, we took an earth vessel to assist that self.

Very often that “SELF” is our ascension self because that expression of our SELF volunteered to go into our deepest darkness and clear it with Unconditional and Violet . However, the “us” got stuck in that resonance and called out for assistance.

A dimension is a frequency of resonance, and a reality is the “script” that we created during our earthly sojourn of that reality. The third/fourth dimensions were created to provide the initiations that we needed in to understand and master third dimensional cause and , polarity and time.

Bit-by-bit and breath-by-breath, we are choosing to participate in the higher frequency of the “Ascension Energy Waves” that are increasingly developing. These fifth dimensional and beyond energy waves are quite common for a reality resonating to Earth’s transitional frequency.

Earth has resonated to the third- and fourth-etheric and astral frequency for . Now Earth is merging with, and returning to, the fifth dimensional frequencies of reality. However, it takes quite a great of adaptation to with these higher frequency carrier waves.

In order to calibrate our consciousness to these fifth dimensional, Ascension Energy Waves, we have found it is best to fall into this experience. This type of surrender is now possible because then the fifth dimensional energy frequencies are flowing into, through, and out of us, NOW! If we surrender to these fifth dimensional energy fields as they flow ‘in-to’ and ‘out-of,’ it is easier for us to accept and slowly adapt to them.