Ascended Twin Flame, Mechanics of a Golden Age,
August-08-2016 by Christine Preston

The cabal that is human is of ancient alien origin in embodiment. They want to keep of the world and its events. They manipulate the financial markets, false flag scenarios and situations to panic and fear. There are videos that analyse this in detail, provide photographic evidence, such as when dummies are used. They had hoped to achieve chaos all over the world but all of their plans of have so far failed. The Elite members of those certain have looked for gates in order to the Earth and even the Solar System. It is true that the Allen belts cannot be crossed without a certain alien technology, and there also are barriers of this kind around the Solar system that did not exist before.
The humanly embodied Cabal has been dodging karma for of years and their time is up. However, it is not without mercy. They have but to bend the knee to be helped with a re-education program to remove what affects their erroneous perception of reality. They ’t understand what the of Ascension is and that certain changes in the Galaxy are not something that can be opposed.