By: Monique Mathieu.

Video Background provided by “Amitai Angor AA VFX”


from the Hierarchies
Manifestation of Ashtar

“Good evening my of the Earth!

It is imperative that I come to to you. Of course I have come many times, myself as your brother from the stars, Ashtar.

If manifesting myself to you, it is to tell you that your world is really in motion and that soon we will be near you, that you will first pass through a non-time that will produce itself in each of you; this non-time will manifest itself in the global energy of your Earth and in all lives. It will truly project you towards the fourth dimension that is at the same time a prelude to the fifth dimension but that also presages the great purification.

If I am to you in this way, it is to tell you to have no fear; the only thing that can really allow you to experience the best way possible certain things that will happen in you and certain events that will take place around you, is to confidence and Love within, to have total confidence and also to be aware that terrestrial humanity is not abandoned, that we are making more and more contact, physically and visually, with the governments. We are also making contact with , with all those who can advance society towards another consciousness and towards fraternity.

If today we would manifest ourselves to , some people, even those who are completely immersed in what you a religion would say “this is the manifestation of the devil!”

It is first necessary for these people to open and awaken. It is thanks to the consciousness and the Love of those who will have understood that, this awareness gaining ground, beings will be able little by little to understand and to awaken.