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By Camilla KumaRa


Video provided by “Amitai Angor AA VFX”


Breathe my love, and see the magic
12 July, 2016.

The healing of completion that is sought after can be found deep inside. As is the healing that is found deep inside . The balm you are searching for is the same energies you are challenged by. The comfort of the Divine Mother/ Father is always present in What Is.

Breathe my love, and see the magic.

Long forgotten or previously misunderstood. Now mermaids, sacred animals and dragon beings are to the surface of the deep blue . As the , priestesses and wild free spirits are re- themselves through the eyes of you. inhabitants of Earth, you are the mirrors of Gaia. You are the mirrors of the Universe. Make the dive and meet up with All the partners of your planet.
Meet them inside, meet them in the Love.

Camilla KumaRa
June 11, 2016