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By Shivrael Luminance River.

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Changing the World from the Inside Out. Shivrael Luminance River

It is said that form or manifestation arises from a , called a bindu in ancient , and from the unified field there is an outpouring of diamond light and (called OM light and OM ) which then moves from the subtle and unseen vibratory level into becoming structures as vibration. The process, the blueprint of creation, of all matter forming is based on mathematics and sacred geometry. I was introduced to these ideas which mesh with other innerstandings of how the universe is from the subtle (unseen world) to the seen which is the manifested form that appears as matter. Yet we know that matter is not solid as atoms are mostly empty space. This is a formula to creation from the ancient rishis sharing the divine blueprint of how all things are made and it the formation within the shape of an 8 x 8 square making a cube, interspersed with the five elements, spinning and creating waveforms which turn into our manifested reality, that which we see with our eyes. Our manifested reality is a hologram, called the Moolam as the ancient Rishis explain. It is a play of light though it has the illusion of solidity of form. We and all of matter is made of waveforms. As we move through time, the waveforms of matter (form) are , then they are destroyed in the creation cycle. All that arises, falls away. Another axiom that is applicable in this discussion is that all that is in the macro is also in the micro, which is the Hermetic principle in many traditions. It is the of holographic reality as what is in the smallest particle is mirrored and contained in the largest galaxy in similarity.

As in Micro, so in Macro. The whole exists within the minutest particle and the minutest particle contains the whole. The contains the universe and the universe contains the , and neither exists without the other. Creator exists within creation, even as creation exists within creator.
– Brahmarishi Mayan, circa 10,500 BC.

An example of the torus field, a spinning donut shaped field of energy, is . Our world has meridian lines which are the grid. They derive from and mirror this 8 x 8 cube of sacred geometrical creation in expanded form, and also the torus field that is the earth is seen every atom and cell and human and larger body. It is the blueprint of creation that the ancients share in Vastu science. Vastu is a way to create environments and do activities in alignment with the way creation occurs (poetry, sculpture, architecture, music, and dance). Measurements that are exact are used in divine architecture that is all over India based on this rishi knowledge from more than 12,000 years ago. Harmonic environments are architected with Vastu science.

From the bindu, or point of creation emerging out of the density of matter expands waves of light and sound, or frequency from the unified field and a planet is . Stars have this and a loop that is a figure 8 containing a black hole where the energy circulates in and out just as our energy field and the smallest and largest do. We are all energy fields appearing as matter, yet all people and the manifested universe are actually blinking in and out of existence all the time.