Manifestation is Easier Than You Think The Creators
August 17, 2016 by Daniel Scranton

“When the part of you that has always known who you are takes the reins of your life, you get to experience life in the way that it really is. You see, things are much easier than you might have thought they are till this point. But that is only because you cannot see how the Universe works with you to create a reality. But as you take on this understanding, which is so core to who it is you really are, you will then have a much easier time in your life because no longer will you see the necessity for struggle.

You will begin using the power that has always been with you and the power that you have unwittingly used up until this time. So remember that this is something that you already do on a subconscious level, and what you are waking up to is how to use the power that you already have more consciously. You will begin to create reality without the strain and strife and all of the actions that you would normally take to get something done, because you will have an understanding of frequency and how you access it and pulse it out.

And this will be the way, from now on, that you will create what it is you wish to experience and the physical reality that you see around you. And you will have more fun than you have ever before because you will be discovering that you are all superheroes and that you all have superpowers.

We enjoy very much watching you in your exploration of these ideas and of your true nature because it is like watching a toddler learn how to walk and then . And so, yes, you already are amazing beings of immense power, and when you can recognize that and then take a few moments out of your day to using that power, with a sense of joy, you will see how and exciting your lives can be.

It is our to help guide and assist you in this of becoming the humans that have full power and potential, realized, manifested and with that sense of compassion and love that you bring from having had the experiences that you have had up until this point. We see that everything that you to be unjust or wrong about your world to be serving you very well. Because when you have great power, you will want to use that power with your fellow humans, , and in a sense of that will lead to a greater experience for all.

You are beings and you create using energy that is coming from an Source. Get ready for a new way of and be prepared for an immense sense of freedom and love and passion for life. We are pleased at what you have already discovered about yourselves, and we look forward to bringing you along on the rest of your journey. Have fun.”