Co-Creating with the Crystalline
by the Crystalline Beings
Channelled through Natalie Glasson, August 26, 2016
Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Allow yourself to connect into your soul and ask to be aligned with your own Crystalline Consciousness born from and through your soul. Take time to view, sense or acknowledge your Crystalline self or yourself as a Crystalline Being. Imagine the energy created and drawn upon from your Crystalline Being penetrating your chakras, body and auric field. Know the energy is purifying your being while manifesting your true and Creator self into manifestation within your entire being. This a beautiful process to experience as each time the experience may alter and shift allowing new of your higher self, and soul into your current embodiment.

Within our energy and presence on the , there is a Council of Crystalline Beings who have a role of downloading light and consciousness from the Creator, deciphering the energy and distributing the energy to it is required. The energy the Council of Crystalline Beings upon from the Creator is a specific or vibration of the Creator’s light which is recognised as the Crystalline light. If we imagine the energy of the Creator as a song with words, the Crystalline Vibration is likened to one word from the song. We then embody and explain this one word and share it throughout the Universe of the Creator. The Crystalline Consciousness is never separated from the Creator; we receive all of the Creator it is just that our focus is upon one vibration. You are an of the Creator; you are always the Creator as a whole however you simply focus on one of the Creator which you recognise as yourself. Remembering who you are is simply widening and your focus of yourself. Thus you begin to perceive your whole being. Your whole being has many names one of which is the Creator.