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The Collective of Guides via Salena Migeot, August 10th

Beloved Ones,

It is with great that we greet you today! In the midst of what some of you are as a time of great despair, uncertainty, and even doubt about your collective future, we would like to inform you that you will see a vast change for the better. Remember that things are always before the dawn and the Age of Aquarius is in the midst of dawning. As such, will be pockets of darkness around your globe that the dawn will expose to increase your awareness. Allow that to simply inform you of what is receding, not what is proliferating. As we said in our , things will look very different within a few short months. We remind you that you always have more than most of you consider in any situation. This is true of your personal lives as well as on a much larger scale. Your awareness will shift from what seems to be to what actually is. This shift has been taking for some time, but will crystalize more and more as so much that does not you recedes and the truth of who you are becomes more and more apparent. A of this very significant shift is that you will become more heart-centered or as we like to say, heart-.