by Maryann Rada.


Video Background provided by “Amitai Angor AA VFX”


The dimensional shift that has been developing is in process now. You have only a short time until the underpinnings of the world you know come apart enough that you will be unable to deny that the change is real and total. The next week will keep your focused here and there, and while that happens, you will know that other things are also happening, hidden from view to a large . While everything seems to be happening, the very ground beneath your feet will begin to shift, and the will seem to crack open.

We urge you to remain aware of the of change and focus less on where the proposed decisions will you to. By shifting your focus in this way, you the environment in which it is more likely to bypass the plan set for your entrapment for another’s gain, and the potential for your own -determination more clearly into view.