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By Anna Merkaba.

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Brilliant greetings to all our divine brothers and sisters of light. We come in peace to commemorate the passing of a grate sage and guide into your world which has finally arrived upon your earthly abodes and shall begin their vocation as a human principle of light without delay. For the grand master of has arrived on your shores and shall ignite the manifesting powers within those who shall tune into the frequencies of .

For the of light and opportunity to advance oneself unto the life path chosen to the entrance into the human matrix has arrived and shall begin calling to all of you who are ready to partake of said knowledge. The grand master of manifestation has entered your earthly sphere of existence and she shall invoke the lightning sphere of influence in order to assist all who have been calling to the heaven for assistance in manifesting the type of experience that they wish to partake of. And so, shall guide those wishing to partake of said influences onto the chosen pathways for the next phase of their journey on planet earth.

Many of you are thus ushered to connect with said divine being of light, as she shared her knowledge of the divine to those who ask, visiting with said being of light shall be as simple as making a call to an old friend whom you have spoken to for eternity, for indeed an old friend of the human kind, has arrived on the shore of once again, and shall propel all souls who have their link to the divine to reconnect with her energies of manifestation and begin to shift their momentums towards peace and enlightenment of BEing.

Let it be known that said energy is available to all to partake of. Translating said frequencies through various vehicles of choice we bring a message of peace, harmony and bliss. We bring a message of manifesting, brilliance of light and megatonic translocation of reality structures.

Those who wish to partake of said experience will be able to do so, by to this being in the days to come upon the portal which is opening her gates for all. The gates of the heavenly abodes. The lions gate as is known in your present realty. And so and thus, shall you wish to partake of said inner knowing and experience of attending said frequencies you shall simply call upon this heavenly master and she shall appear to you in all her might and all her glory in order to reconnect you with the lost to your very own self, and your very own inner knowing, peace, harmony and love.

That is all that we have for you now. WE love you. WE are with you. Goodbye for now.