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Our liaisons are all of this unfold and we are in with the Ascended Masters and our Agarthan cousins. Their joint reflections are that you are growing in many different directions. What is truly required is some wise supervision. You need to discover the histories that were conveniently lost by the Anunnaki and their malicious minions. This is something that your Ascended Masters are to be first to convey. We are to further detail these presently hidden events to you via a number of discussions that your mentor is to tell you about. Initially, the Anunnaki used advanced technology and later allowed the minions to maintain awe and by exploiting that technology. This whole set of past episodes needs to be reviewed in detail. We have in our possession a history that is best explained by “ travel.” All of this can be very confusing. So be aware that much is still to be told to you. These stories are to set the stage for your return to full consciousness.