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The old controllers created a fantasy about the mind and convinced Humanity that they are a race based on thoughts. YOU are NOT your Thoughts. You are ALL HEART. An intuitive race of FEELING. The mind rationalizes, thinks, reasons and creates machinations of past and future events to keep you away from The Present Moment of NOW. It the Present Moment of NOW that your connection with GOD and all your Brothers and Sisters from Stars and Inner Earth . The access point within your HEART.

Here are the Traits of those functioning within The Universal Mind:

Intimidator: Steals Energy From Others Using Threat

Interrogator: Steals Energy By Judging and Questioning

Aloofness: Steals Energy By Playing Coy

Poor Me Consciousness: Steals Energy By Making Other Feel Responsible and Guilty for Taking of Them

Many of the be conflict with this , since the old controllers made the Mind a needed part of Humanity’s existence. This is A Grand Illusion. If the mind is so grand, then I ask you to take a look at the current state of the planet… the masculine… and the feminine… Look into the state of societies, cultures, governments and religions throughout Human HIStory. It is after all, based mostly on HIS-STORY. As long as you are choosing to be in the mind, you ALWAYS Be Food Source for the Old Controllers. Giving your away…