It is time for you to discard your faith, your belief in the illusion and WAKE UP!
August 8, 2016 by John Smallman

The only Reality, All That Exists, is God. Therefore you are all One Him because there is absolutely nowhere else that you could be! Humanity is finally, after many eons, choosing to awaken into Reality. However, for that to happen you have to release your fearful stranglehold on the illusion. That means you have to let go of all your imaginary – truly they are not real – hates, resentments, judgments, fears and any of self righteousness as all of those hide Love from you. They act as a cloak, a , or a fog that hangs between you and Reality, hiding It from you. They too are imaginary, constructed by you because you feared that your choice to experience separation from God had made Him extremely angry with you, and so you constructed them in order to hide from Him.

But God does not know anger, let alone harbor a sense of anger or judgment against even a single one of you! How could He know anger when there is only Love? He joyfully and lovingly your as His Will for you is eternal happiness, and He knows that your is inevitable!

Your task in the awakening process is just to let go! To let go of every sense or feeling of guilt, of unworthiness, of shame, of fear, because every one of them is invalid. God you, therefore you are, each and every one of you, beings. As humans that does not seem to be the case, and that is because of the limits and restrictions that you built into the game that became the illusion.