Allow awareness of your Oneness with your Father and of His infinite Love for You to suffuse You.
August 13, 2016 by John Smallman

Being is incomprehensibly limiting. When you awaken you will see how limited you were, and understand, therefore, why life was so difficult for you. The confusion and chaos your minds were undergoing all the time you were in form will make it quite clear why you so often behaved as though everything was a grave threat to your survival. You will understand your seeming need to take preemptive action to avoid catastrophes, the catastrophes to which the mainstream media constantly directed your . You will also understand how none of what you while really happened. As we keep telling you, you are just dreaming, and while some of these dreams can be absolutely terrifying for you, they are only dreams. When you awaken they will away very rapidly and be ; you have no need to remember the unreal.

The unreal has been humanity’s experience for and has always seemed intensely real because that was your intent when you constructed it. Remember, You are One, and when God created You he created You with everything – all the Power, all the Creative Potential, and all the Love – that He is. Consequently the illusion that you built in order to experience separation was extremely convincing, a vast and of universes in which You then as innumerable very different and physically discrete individuals. Within it, and having such small and limited physical forms in contrast to the vastness and immense power of the environment that contained you, fear arose.