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I am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. Today I come to tell you about the worldly that are taking place on our . Much is now, dear friends. The currency has changed in most countries and is at the start line to be announced in their respective countries. There is a catch, but it is effectively demounted. You who have waited patiently will receive your bounty at . For the rest of you it might come as a happy surprise as peace has taken a forward.

It is the music of peace that is sounding deeply in the ears of people, since it is peace that so many people have longed for regardless of where in the world they live. Everything that brings peace to the world people gladly contribute to. They accept gladly a currency change if they understand this can be the solution for a sustainable peace for their Earth. They would gladly have politicians in positions of power that act in the interest of all and not only for a few. They understand that this is sustainable in the . They understand also that one pillage Mother Earth without it bringing consequences for coming generations. They want a sustainable world for themselves and their .