Lady Nada and Lord Sananda, Towards a Blissful World
Channeled by Fran Zepeda July 11, 2016
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Greetings Beloveds. It is with deep heartfelt that we enter your consciousness to you a message this day.

Much has traversed in your world. Much change has taken place and, beloveds, you have such in your Love Offerings and in the rise of your individual . You are becoming so adept at your level of vibration and your consciousness that it (the rise) may not be as detectable by you as in early days of your ascension process.

You are much more comfortable in this new plateau of vibration and consciousness. You welcome it now with open arms and it shows in the glow of your Beingness and in the acts you choose to make, and in the overall feeling of joy and bliss that many of you feel in of all the chaos taking place in your world now.

And beloveds, please understand that this chaos is necessary. It is necessary in order for the world to make the changes it needs to. It is necessary for the rise in consciousness in the general human collective, and it is necessary in order for you to discern how you want your world to be.