By Lisa Gawlas.
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Now, to the that have me feeling like I am getting a blow-by-blow understanding of what happening behind the curtain of the great wizard (wizard of oz.) Again, so much of this not only opening within me because I am reading Dolores Cannon’s book “Custodians. Beyond Abduction,” which I was instantly attracted to when I was listening to her audiobook “Keepers of the .” As with the I shared the other day, I am not going to reference which part of the book triggered what and I am not going in any particular except whatever memory is coming thru in the moment. Not only is this book to peel back the curtain, but also, validating so much of what I already knew as well.

I do want to mention tho, as soon as I started diving into “Custodians,” I started to see two interesting ET’s that I have never seen before, not even in all the ET connections I have done over the last few years. Two very white forms, male and female, always standing just behind my right shoulder, always together, always shoulder to shoulder with each other. They are both very white, their skin is very white if not luminescent but not like a light bulb, they ’t glow, or emit a visible stream of light, its hard to explain. Their hair is white and even their clothing, very much like plain lenin, an off white. They ’t speak, or at least, I have not heard them, just seen them. That is, until my mother was in for cataract surgery. I went out to the to have a smoke and read more of my book when the moment I was finished my with my cigarette, the died. I had it on to use the AC, which was blowing warm air, I just assumed that was because I had the window down and this humidity is hell!! The just up and died at the exact place I was reading in the book about how they can make cars start and stop and stuff. They use the energy field around the person for what they are doing, at times. I tried several times to start the , nothing. I was going to call roadside assistance and each time I had that thought, I kept feeling… wait and see when my mother is done. It turned right over. With all the I had to do this coming week, i wasn’t taking a chance. I drive to autozone and had them check my , which is about 7-8 years old and its a 5 year . It took the gal a bit to actually get a reading from the , but when she did, she said the cells are all perfect in the , but the is showing completely drained. I left well enough alone. The car has been starting perfectly ever since.

I knew that was my two new friends way of saying… not only are we with you holographically, we are physically with you here, now.