By Lisa Gawlas.

Nothing like several different conversations and not completing any of them!! So sorry to ask you to hold a thought and then just leave it dangling lol. I want to start today with the unfinished expression of understanding from the /the bridge of my 1973 to 1974 . A purposeful separation of based on . We often think that kids are not held to the laws of karma as much as adults are. This would only be (slighty) if you are just incarnating in this place called earth duality, but kids are as much responsible for the choices and their actions as adults. Most of us in this collective, have had many lifetimes on this plane of incarnation, so we are held to the accumulated earth and choices from all the lives we lived and not just the few years we may have been in the new body.

Also, keeping in mind, before my , my mother had already agreed to host my incarnation, not me mind you, host me in her life so I can get a good foothold in some of the densest of realities. I was removed from her (or really, lack there of) when I was 8 then placed back with her when I was 11. Choice and reality expansions.

I think the best way to explain this is with an image of spaghetti lol. And what we consider timelines have nothing to do with time at all, they are the vibrational pattern of energy/reality constructs: