Archangel Michael, it’s not as you think,
August 19, 2016 by Christine Preston

Some notions were introduced a few years ago in the channeling circles of a group of lightbearers who were a new generation, so to speak, as they had not been introduced to the teachings that the Ascended Masters promulgated in decades through many groups. Many groups indeed received some teachings during the 20th century and it was said Work while you have the Light, because it was known that the Earth would enter a time of darkness in this period of the Kali Yuga, before the proper start of the Aquarian Age. Progress was hindered. Some obstructions caused a of situations in a way that had not been expected, up to recently in 2015. Not many people have questioned the saying that where there is Light, there also is darkness, nor its meaning. Not many have understood that it relates to the fact that the Dark Ones attack the souls of the Light in every Nation. So, yes, they are present where the Light appears and they attack those souls that achieve the most upon the spiritual of the Ascension. This emissary has attacks, particularly during the year of 2014, but they provided an understanding of the mechanics and of the modus operandi that the dark ones use. This is a Latin expression meaning ‘ of ’. It was a useful training to be able to identify an impersonation of . There is in the ability for telepathic communication, a number of innate perceptions that can facilitate this identification. With the training came an understanding concerning the impostures carried out by the dark forces both from the astral plane and physical one where they have a scientific technology and secret weaponry system called psychotronics, that have been used to carry out a masquerade of telepathic communication or channeling, as well as to synthetic dreams that they insert in the minds of people to cause a disturbance. They have carried out an impersonation of the telepathy that is now appearing as an ability in the human kingdom as a result of its being irradiated with photonic light, and of certain DNA changes taking place. However, these impersonations of are of low quality as the dark ones do not understand the process of Ascension. You can easily catch them at their game as they demonstrate an absence of study of the teachings of the Ascended Masters.
The Armageddon, or battle of the psyche, is not just the result of an opposition of the dark to those souls of Light. It relates to many in the self, which may be of a spiritual or psychological .
What is this Self I am referring to? It is the one that has taken control of itself in the physical world composed of four elements: fire, air, water and earth.