Lord , , André: Chrétien de Troyes &; Arthurian legends, August 12, 2016 by Christine Preston.

Chrétien de Troyes frequented the court of Countess Marie, of Eleanor of Aquitaine, who later became queen to England’s Henry II. He would have translated Ovid’s ‘Art of ’ and a version of the Tristan legend. He then turned to the Arthurian theme with the story of an Arthurian knight who overcomes trials for the of his lady. He mainly wrote romances taking round Arthur’s Court and portrayed it as a romantic, chivalrous , in a called Cardigan. One of his characters, called Yvain kills the knight of the fountain, then falls in with Laudine, his widow. However he decides to join Arthur’s court, and doesn’t return on the date he promised. She then rejects him, and after a series of adventures, including nearly killing his best in combat, and rescuing a lion which then follows him everwhere, the lovers are eventually reconciled. Lancelot is the central character in The Knight of the Cart in which he rescues Guinevere. Perceval is the main character in The Count of the Grail which depicts the spiritual side of knightly quests. Perceval knows nothing of chivalry as he has been up by his mother deliberatly in of such things. One day he meets five knights by and joins them. He falls in love with a lady whom he rescues from her enemies. Perceval’s main adventure happens when he fails to ask what a ceremony means. It’s related to a Fisher King surviving with a wafer to him each day in the grail. His stories were imbued with mysticism.