Marina Jacobi
Nano, The recovery of cell degeneration to young, . August 10, 2016

Must the knowledge of sequences that are negative into the Genome DNA RNA.
Give that sequence belonging to the 0 point 378394 HZ into the recollective membranes of the Nano material one unit. 1+1=3 should also be applied.
Control the sequence until you see pinkish to blue membrane. That is because is switching the collective Codon to the New given frequency HZ. When you notice that the particle starting to split up do not recall the HZ again. Let is stay and let it stabilize by it self for 3 days. Let its own consciousness build the calling for the unit 1+1=3 . The new system. The recovery is in the time in the nano particles.
You can apply this knowledge to all the cells in the DNA. That means that you can rebuild and regenerate all cells , all systems back to normal. This is longevity and all your cells will not degenerate again, and it will stay young. Must know that you can regenerate all through HZ sound fractal momentum in the nano matter. The knowledge is known already. But is time for humanity to know the and what is possible. So you all benefit from the knowledge that we give you. Be well , be beautiful and take action to taking care of of you systems HZ memories called . Remember that you are hologram and is the expression of your doing. So this is one step more to the ultimate knowledge. You just have to know it and apply it. There will be, and it is a scientist that will know and knows the truth for all that. So please when you to this message channeled from us to Marina – make a contact , ask more questions. We will give you the answers. We know who you are. But we are waiting for you to decide and make the contact. Do . We will help. It is time to know. The message is in sequence and it will not make sense to a clouded and only self serving. Must know that we love you and we are here for you.

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Love you all.’