Marina Jacobi, Nano The recovery of cell degeneration to stay young / The Council of nine. August 13, 2016

My dear friends I was so to get this message from the Council of nine so we can stay young. This is for the scientists to build Advance extra terrestrial technology for the regeneration of the .
Must apply the of that are negative into the Genome DNA RNA.
Give that sequence structure belonging to the 0.378394 HZ into the re membranes of the Nano material one unit. 1+1=3 should also be applied.
the sequence until you see pinkish to blue membrane. That is because is switching the collective Codon to the New given frequency HZ. When you notice that the particle starting to up do not recall the HZ again. Let is stay and let it by it self for 3 days. Let its own consciousness build the calling for the unit 1+1=3 . The new system. The recovery is in the transition in the nano particles.