By Mercedes Kirkel


Question: How would Yeshua and wish that we would continue the work in the time we find ourselves in?


Mary Magdalene: Time is not an issue for us.


The work is always the same. It is the work of love. Yet at different times that shows up and manifests in different ways.


There is a particular way that the work of love is manifesting at this particular time. It has especially to do with the love between the Masculine and the Feminine. This is the great healing in your world at this time.


Many have been aware that this is a time of the Feminine becoming stronger and moving more into the forefront, even taking a kind of a leadership role. This is true, but it is far from the whole picture.


The Feminine path is always the path of love. Many at this time have a misunderstanding about the role of the Feminine becoming strong. They are confusing the Feminine and the Masculine. They envision the Feminine becoming strong in a way that is more of a Masculine way. But this is not what is being called for. It is not what has been empowered for this time.


What has been empowered is for the Feminine to become strong, so that she may become strong in her loving, and in particular her loving of the Masculine. That love will heal the Masculine and allow the Masculine to open in love to the Feminine. This is the great gateway or doorway that human beings are moving into and through altogether at this time. It requires this uniting of the Masculine and Feminine.


This is much more than just having a love relationship with a partner—although that is obviously a most wonderful thing and a most wonderful form of blessing and practice for yourself and for all beings. But that is only a part of the picture. The bigger picture is this love within your selves of the Masculine and Feminine.


For many, there is still a great deal of work to do relative to loving the Feminine—loving your bodies, loving your sexuality, loving your emotions, and really embracing these fully to receive their gifts. Many people have used these aspects of their being in certain ways, but not necessarily for the highest ways.


Your body is a temple. It is to be used and cared for as a temple. It is a temple of God. It is ultimately your manifestation of God. As with all temples, each one is unique and each one is perfect in its own way.


Your sexuality is a practice for transformation. It is a practice for bringing forth new life, new light into the world. It is also a practice for transforming your life and ultimately your world. That is the function of sexuality, which has barely been understood by most people. It does not even require a partner to engage that. All have sexual energy. It is the life force within. It can always be used for transformation.


Your emotions are one of the greatest gifts for powerful, deep connection to God. Most of you do not understand this relative to the painful emotions. Most of you carry great fear relative to the painful emotions. That is ultimately fear of the Feminine.


There is great healing to do for your relationship to your body, sexuality, and emotions to become strong and full, and to become a manifestation of your love of the Feminine within yourself, for both men and women. Women will most likely lead the way in these arenas—in love of the body, sexuality, and emotions. Through that they become the vessel of love that lights up the Masculine.


This is what will bring your world out of the place it is now—a place of tremendous darkness in many ways. It is the darkness of the Masculine not accompanied by the Feminine, the darkness of the mind realms lost and adrift from the heart. The uniting of the Masculine and Feminine through the Feminine’s love will change that, through the energy of the Feminine drawing the Masculine into a state of love and union.


The Masculine also brings gifts. More than anything else, the Masculine brings the gift of consciousness, the light of consciousness, which the Feminine so needs, always.


This is the most beautiful union, of which I know a great deal, and which I have had the great joy to experience in its fullness. This is your destiny, what is before all of you. This is what you are moving into and what you are here to share with the world, as well.


It is a magnificent time. Do not be fooled by the media. Do not be fooled by the bad news. There are many forces trying to hold back the gates of change. They will not be successful. Do not let them be successful within your own mind and heart. Your love is much stronger and that is what will prevail.


Does this answer your question?


Questioner: Oh yes. Thank you.


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