from Lord of Arcturus, and Archangel Gabriel
August 2016
Channeled by Cindy McGonagle, August 2016

“Greetings Earthlings we of the starry realms in the other dimensions are welcoming you to us as we partner with those of you who are spiritually awake and aware of your own star roots.The Arcturian frequencies are those that resonate
at a very high frequency of love and light. Our consciousness is that to help you open your hearts to each other as the new communities are being aligned with the ’s lines long established before any humans existed on Earth. This may seem far fetched but those of you who know of your own star roots will resonate with these words.
The Arcturians are among you and have always partnered with at very young ages as their spirits can still remember their own star beginnings.We align with Creator, Source and the highest and best for the Earth and with the Christ light frequencies here for helping humans experience and together as a people who deeply care for the health of the planet and for their fellow humans, and all life on Earth. We are not scary looking and for the most part you will not “see” us as having a presence, but rather you will feel our presence with warmth, kindness and a feeling of divine peace that showers your with a stillness and serenity when your world seems a little rough, and the daily energy around you is harsh.
You can request help from the Arcturian Brotherhood of Light to help ease these feelings from anxiety to peace.
In Light and Love,

Lord of Arcturus”, channeled by Cindy McGonagle

Message from Archangel Gabriel, August 2016 channeled by Cindy McGonagle
“Greetings Dear Ones, The Earth remains in a constant state of flux, ever so important during the next three full moons from August 18th to October 16th is a time to continue to clear out relationships that may be hindering your spiritual and awakening. Some of you are being activated to carry our out to the public through small groups, others of to use social media and the radio to help others stay positive as their lives are being re-constructed. All partnerships with the Earth, including those of you who have services that educate people about how to live healthy lives in broad based communities within the large cities, we commend you as we of the Angelic Realm are here to help you to inspire, teach and share with other like minded people to teach their families, their children to open their resources to others, whether it be their homes, sharing meals, sharing transportation, sharing dreams or plainly sharing time uplifting them with compassion for their situations. Truly 2016 is about helping others to belong to a greater Earth community, one centered on love and healing.
In Light and love,
Archangel Gabriel” channeled by Cindy McGonagle