Message to Lightworkers
August 5, 2016 by Caroline Oceana Ryan
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Copyright 2016, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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This means that and , thought-forms, inventions, and and economic forms, are becoming all the more possible and real for you, paving for everyday fifth dimensional life.

And so—are you being rescued?

Most assuredly. But it is all of you who are doing the rescuing. For yourself, and for your planet.

All of us in the higher realms are merely coming forward to support what you and your planet have already decided upon.

Our interventions are not only possible but permissible under Universal law, and not only due to what you have suffered as your free will was taken from you.

They are made possible by your expectation, powerful intention, and your , from the depths of your being, that This Changes Now.

And so, yes—you will see more of the old infrastructure crumbling, as those who must answer for their crimes lose their foothold in a -dissolving power structure, and as their lies and hiding places no longer ensure their separation from the Light of Truth.

You will see the Earth burst forth in places with floods and and other apparent disasters, as She throws off the toxicity of the old system.