August 4, 2016 by Robert Mesure

When consciousness finds its center in the chaotic layers of mind it begins to build order, further development allows for the creation of forms and higher telepathic interplay. Balance the to create symmetry, love the to balance them. Symmetry reflects consciousness between two or more points, seeing into the unconscious transmuting the shadow and giving ascent to the life-unit.

The shadow first surfaces, consciousness must then accept it and move into it and attune to it, giving it consciousness as itself. You exists in all dimensions at once as the macrocosmic godhead and the particularized microcosmic remnant, create symmetry to remove the shadow and become the Metacosm.

The heart sees neither good nor evil, they are the dual complex of the mind. To render energy any such way and create dichotomy to move forward on your own self-made beliefs and act from your own definition. The heart selfless and doesn’t differentiate. Thus it the act of consciousness to be in detachment in order to be of service to the great spirit. Exercising no belief paramount in the act of service, as to transform into the palate of ramification is to impart corruption upon the of spirit. Spiritual injunction through macrocosmic emanation within the microcosm, which is achieved through .

Through the vast layers of mind is an interwoven tapestry of kinetic information. The federation are awaiting your connection, allow your guides to pull you up through the universe density levels and connect you with your . The interest of the individual has no place in the whole of galactic synchronicity. Therefore let your mind go, and become the consciousness that you truly are. Consciousness is relative to itself and is the source of all telepathy, the interplay of stellar membranes is reliant upon the shining awareness of the self. The unconscious is the field of archetypal energy patterning and the chaotic thought field of information. Consciousness must find itself at the center.