Enjoyment, Ophelia the Faerie
“I am here. I am with you.
Channeled by Daniel Scranton


The you enjoy something is one of the markers for how far you are coming in your evolution. There are so many different ways that you can experience enjoyment when you are engaged in an activity that pleases you. How free are you in your expression of your enjoyment? How much do you savor that which you are enjoying? How much of your focus is right where you are and how much of it is looking forward to the next thing, and the next?

The next time you are engaged with something that you enjoy, I invite you to dive a little deeper into your enjoyment to allow yourself to fully experience and engage with that person, or that food, or that activity, or that place. That which you enjoy is a part of you, just as we teachers keep telling you that all aspects of your world are reflecting back to you something that is within you, the pieces that you enjoy must be included. And they are just as significant for you as the parts you are attempting to deny or hide from.

So give yourself a multi-sensory experience of that which you enjoy. Be sure you are completely grounded in your bodies as you engage with the object of your enjoyment. Close your eyes or open your eyes. Breathe deeper. Listen. Explore every nuance of it. Engage with it in a new way. Feel its presence and your presence merging in the moment. Become one again with that which you enjoy, with that which is a part of you.

And seek out more experiences with that which you enjoy. Give yourselves permission to indulge. Your enjoyment is just as much a part of your evolution as those fears and traumas that you are integrating at this time. Your enjoyment is just as much of a spiritual practice as those things that you are doing because you believe they are putting you on a spiritual path. You are enjoyable, and you deserve to enjoy fully that which resonates with you.

I am Ophelia, and I love you.”